Export Strategy for Executives: Develop a Winning Export Plan Today! 

Are you ready to take your company's exporting to the next level?

LU VUMC Export Training Course Executive Level provides a comprehensive curriculum to equip export managers and business leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the global marketplace.

What advantages will you gain from this course? 

Upon completion of our course, you can expect to confidently identify potential export markets and assess your company's readiness for export. Additionally, you will be able to develop a compelling value proposition, establish a strong market position, and create an effective marketing plan tailored to your target audience.

The Export Training Course also covers sales strategy and management, partner selection, lead generation, and negotiation techniques, giving you the tools to succeed in the global arena.

Are you looking for a better way to approach customers in Scandinavia or Southern Europe? Here you have the opportunity to learn from local experts on effective communication strategies in these markets and valuable communication skills, such as intercultural communication and objection handling, to ensure success in your international dealings.

With this knowledge, you'll gain a competitive advantage in the target regions, allowing you to build stronger relationships and close more deals. Don't let a lack of cultural understanding hold your business back from succeeding in international markets!

Join our Export Training Course Executive Level now and unlock the full potential of your company's export strategy.



Is this course a good fit for you?

The course is designed for the export managers of the company who may also be the owner of the company, and have the authority to make decisions regarding the company's export activities, both from a strategic and financial standpoint. Fill out the form to get full description.




Ieva Johnsson

Ieva Jonsone is an export sales specialist with over 20 years of experience in the food, metalworking, and forest and construction machinery industries. She has worked with clients from Asia to America, and has a wealth of knowledge in both B2B and B2C sales.

Ieva's company, Amie Export, provides an EDMS (Export Development Management System) that helps businesses to find partners, test their products or services in the Scandinavian market, and connect to North Europe.

Ieva is an experienced and knowledgeable partner who can help you to increase your export opportunities. She is an expert in finding the right solution for businesses that want to export but don't know how. She can also help you to find partners and test your products or services in the Scandinavian market.

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Lucio Lamberti 

Lucio Lamberti is an esteemed Marketing professor at Politecnico di Milano. He's authored an international book and 80+ publications in prestigious journals and conferences. As the Scientific Director of the Metaverse Marketing Lab and Coordinator of Ph.E.E.L., he researches user behavior in immersive experiences and reflects on new product encounters. Lucio is an Associate Editor for Frontiers in Communication and the Delegate for the China Unit at Polimi Graduate School of Management. With extensive project direction experience, he has worked with renowned companies like Vodafone, Ferrari, and Nestlé. A sought-after columnist on marketing and digital transformation, he contributes to major Italian media outlets.

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Giorgio Fiammenghi 

Giorgio Fiammenghi is an experienced B2B marketing, business development, and lead generation expert. He has a passion for Sales & Marketing, and has over 20 years of experience in the field.

Giorgio has worked on a variety of projects, including start-ups, new distribution channels, franchise chains & partnerships, and reorganization of the sales force. He is also an expert in projects for the development of new products, the opening of new markets, and the management and growth of existing markets.

Giorgio is a mentor and associate professor at MIP – School of Management - Politecnico di Milano, where he teaches courses on Sales & Marketing. He is also a regular speaker at industry events.

#B2Bmarketing #BusinessDevelopment #LeadGeneration


Marta Elste

Marta Elste is a digital marketing expert with over 13 years of experience. She is the head of Digital Marketing Group, a company that helps businesses create and execute digital marketing strategies.

Marta has a wealth of experience in creating large-budget Google Ads campaigns for companies in the Baltic States, Scandinavia, South America, and elsewhere in the world. She is also a Google Certified Trainer, certified in Google Ads and Google Analytics, and a DMI Certified Digital Marketing Professional.

Marta is passionate about helping businesses grow their online presence through effective digital marketing strategies. She is a highly skilled and experienced professional who can help businesses achieve their marketing goals.

#DigitalMarketing #GoogleAds #DigitalStrategy

Antra Savleviča

Antra Savleviča is communicator with 20 years of experience. Previously worked as a consultant in communication agency with focus on providing communication strategies and activities for foreign companies in Latvia, since 2017 – communication lead in Latvia’s leading building materials producer and only cement producer SCHWENK Latvija. Areas of competence – strategic communication, stakeholder relations, sustainability and innovation.

Holds a bachelor’s degree in communication from Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (2004) and MBA in innovation and entrepreneurship from Riga Technical university (2013). Lecturer of various communication related courses in Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences.


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Duration: 8 weeks 

Frequency: live / online sessions with experts every week. In between strategy sessions there are individual assignments monitored by experts.

Delivery: In presence / online / hybrid 

Fantastic advantage: The course includes individual assignments that provide tailored solutions for your business needs with feedback from experts.

Capacity: limited to the first 15 participants who register. To prevent direct competition, the first applicant who represents their industry will have a seat reserved for them. 


The cost of the course

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